GSA-EPC Projects Ltd. (GSA) is fully capable and dedicated to take responsibility for EPC Projects or for Local Content of EPC projects executed in Israel by global EPC contractors mainly in the process industry in strict accordance with local requirements and national regulations.

EPC contracts for process and other industries in Israel are lately starting to be the form of project execution as to undertake lump sum turn-key responsibility for engineering, procurement and construction works for substantial scale local projects. Therefore, foreign EPC contractors who want to work in Israel, due to the local market particularities and constraints may  encounter challenges during their local establishment process, as they seek to ensure compliance with unfamiliar national laws and regulations, local culture of project execution especially in process industries, etc. Therefore, there is a substantial necessity to collaborate with a local entity, which is fully capable to take responsibility for Local Content of an EPC project, permitting and authority engineering execution, construction, etc.

Local Content outcomes are not usually quickly and easy to be solved in a reliable way. This is especially true where the operating environment has not a well and with a long history organized as such market,  where skills and technical multi-disciplinary capacity are not well aligned specifically for the  process industry projects executed by foreign EPC contractors  and where a real EPC project execution business enabling environment is yet be fully realized, as is the case in Israel. That may be  a critical issue. While early progress is possible at the lower end of a supply chain, opportunities of greater economic value take time to develop. A major constraint lies in the misalignment of the overall project development milestones, timelines set by clients and by Local Content regulations, and the time span required to build local capability. The dominant practice of waiting for an advanced execution Phase of a Project to develop strategies for Local Content and resources deployment may be too late, this means having a risky execution of such a project by foreign ECP contractors in Israel in respect to project budget, time schedule, overall performance etc.

GSA-EPC Projects Ltd. provides optimal solutions (budget and time schedule related quality and safe performance based on proven record) for both cases: Local Content (engineering, procurement, construction) execution for global EPC contractors willing to execute projects in the challenging Israeli environment, especially related to the local process industries and for EPC projects’ execution for local clients, depending on the given situation and project specifics (size, complexity, knowhow, etc.). In addition, GSA-EPC projects Ltd. provides support to the O&M entities acting locally for specific projects related to process industries.