Alternatives for Execution of Main Activities

Conceptual Design


  • Executed by Owner or by GSA or by Foreign  EPC  Main contractors.
  • Owner and / or Foreign EPC Main contractors in collaboration with GSA.
  • Set up an integrated
    Task Force: Owner/ Foreign EPC Main contractors /GSA.

Basic Design / FEED


  • Basic Design executed by Owner or by GSA or by Foreign EPC Main contractors with support of GSA or by integrated Task Force
  • Extended Basic Engineering Open Book Approach with conversion to LSTK by Owner, Foreign EPC Main contractor and GSA.
  • Permitting documentation and Authority Engineering executed by GSA or by GSA in collaboration with Owner local specialized consultants and with Foreign EPC Main contractors.
  • FEED – Front End Engineering Design executed by GSA or by the Foreign EPC Main contractor in collaboration with GSA.



  • ISBL Engineering: Process, Civil, Piping, Mechanical, Instrumentation & Control, Electrical, etc. ,Detail Engineering done by GSA or by Task Force of Foreign EPC Main Contractor and GSA for Local Content.
  • OSBL Engineering: Utilities, Off-Sites and infrastructures Detailed Engineering mainly executed by GSA.
  • Procurement: Done  by GSA or for Local part of supplies and materials under GSA responsibility (ISBL and OSBL) when collaborating with foreign EPC main contractors.
  • Construction and Commissioning on Site: Done by GSA or by Foreign EPC  Main contractor with participation of GSA.
  • Project Management: by GSA or leaded by Foreign EPC Main contractor  in collaboration with GSA team.